Sunday, June 10, 2012

changes of plans

Instead of making a blog i posted a youtube series. you should find it if you search my username "twolegogeeks".
ok. i am FED UP with this website! it won't even let me post a 3 minute video and every time i try to do something it screws up and theres no way to delete youre blog. someone PLEASE refer me to a different website! it would be very helpful cause i would like to continue this blog but not here. email me at

Heads Up! #1

Heads Up #1: In my first video post i will show you my game collection. But i want YOU to tell me which game i should do a walkthrough/gameplay of first! So leave a comment and tell me on my next post! P.S. i will be posting a "heads Up #X" a bit before every post! If you want to contact me or just get news and stuff you can friend me on your 3ds and send me a message via swapnote! My friend code is:
3738-0555-7780. And of course i will need yours so leave it in the comments. THANKS!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

oh! and by the way, please post comments :) and questions, THANKS!

Welcome to TheNintendoBlog!

HI EVERY ONE!! My name is Matty and on this blog i will post reviews, gameplays, walkthroughs and lots of cool stuff about Nintendo. I will mostly be doing Nintendo DS stuff because i have a nintendo 3ds. the first thing i will post is going to be a review about some of my stuff.  I hope you all enjoy and lets get those views and subribers up! :)